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Anonymous sent: follow forever. hwo's bella?

did you mean (acewufan). yeah she’s my friend. my close friend in college. yeah she’s my roomates too. I HATE HER SO MUCH. seriously i hate her. i mean it. hahaha =P what do you mean by follow forever? my follow forever do you mean? lol can i list here? i’m SO LAZY to create a new post to list down my follow forever T__T (you can hate me anon. serious. hee)

(acewufan) (dekaisoo) (yixingnaekkoya) (jaeynem) (kaisooforever) (boojae) (omg-jyj) (jongins) (jaejoongs) (kaixes) (thekaisoo) (mjjaejae)

there’s a lot of beautiful bloggers that i wanted to list as my follow forever, but since this is not my “official” follow forever, so thats it. hehehe XD forgive me anon! i’m soooo LAZY! zzzzzz~ kikikiki

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